Miraya Berke

Miraya Berke creates experiences that spark delight!



It’s pronounced Mir-ray-ah, like a ray of sunshine. A party planner since age 10, Miraya lives and breathes the event lifestyle, down to every last sparkly detail. She keeps her finger perpetually on the pulse of what’s trending, and she brings her expertise, passion, and sunny personality to every project. 

Miraya's event studio Pop Productions works with clients on event ideation, design, partnerships & production. Clients include Babyccino ShopUp, Kiva, Airbnb, Northside & more.

Miraya co-founded Dessert Goals, a dessert festival in LA & NY, because dessert is always a good idea. In under 3 years she has planned 7 festivals across 2 cities, bringing together over 20,000 attendees and 135 local dessert vendors.


Miraya’s work really transcends event planning.
— Jessica Feingold, Manager of East Coast Development of Kiva
The epitome of calm and grace.
— Stella Rankin, Partner of Pinch Food Design
Miraya is always one step ahead of us in terms of ideas and planning. She is incredibly organized and efficient.
— Courtney Adamo, Co-Founder of Babyccino and The ShopUp
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